Our Golden Age is here. -- October 9, 2015

Daniel Martin Moore’s new LP, Golden Age, is released today!  Take a listen to the whole thing on his artist page, or be a wild card and just purchase the darn thing right now.  If you need some enticing:

Wolvering by Maiden Radio -- June 17, 2015

The brilliant band Maiden Radio is back with their 2nd OK release.  We are so happy and, frankly, proud to help usher this collection of extraordinary songs into the world.  Take a listen to this self-penned song, and pick up your own copy of the whole album today:

“The Beautiful Kentucky Waltz” -- September 6, 2013

Here’s one of our favorite songs in the whole world, as played by DMM & Jim James.

Dark Road, v2 w/ Haley Bonar -- August 24, 2013

Here it is.  The first song from the new collection by OK artist DMM.  It features some fine singing & playing from Haley Bonar, Ben Sollee, Daniel J. Dorff & Joel T. Runyan.

Archives Vol. I by Daniel Martin Moore -- August 6, 2013

We’ve just launched a collection of rarities & b-sides from DMM.  To celebrate, we’re offering up all sorts of interesting and unusual items as a part of the pre-sale/fundraiser.  Do you like 4-leaf clovers?  Do you like cookies?  Do you also like music?  Then this is the place for you:


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